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Body Consciousness

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Care for your body  //  you are what you eat and what you release  // wash your body clean and have  your body massaged regularly  // nurture your body - eat whole foods - natural state, local, free range, seasonal  //  try to eat less or no animal products - organic or free range meats only  //  know your body - your body type, blood type - learn to muscle test  //  drink copious amount of good quality water - herbal teas are not water  //  keep caffeine and alcohol to a minimum - no hard liquor  //  breathe from the belly - learn breath techniques that help release stress  //  breathe fresh air and walk in nature every day - preferably out of the city  //  move - walk 20 minutes each day, plus 20 minutes of yoga, tai chi, qui gong, a martial art, an activity you love  //  express yourself through movement you love - dance, free style, sports...  //  find  your voice - speak with impeccable word from your heart always  //  find your voice - mantras, singing lessons, chanting, yoga lion roaring - take your power back  //  learn your limitations - learn to say no - what is good for your and what is not good for you - know your body boundaries  //  get help with addictions - food, smoking, sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, medication, etc.  //  cleanse your body on a regular basis - one week-end per season (quarterly)  //  clothe your body in natural fibers - let it breathe and support mother earth  //  keep electronics to a minimum - we know there is radiation emission now  //  know your allopathic doctor is your advocate when you need health care  //  look after your teeth, eyes and feet regularly - you use and need all three  //  know and use alternative medicines and practitioners to maintain health  //  know your genetic strengths and weaknesses, plus your archetype(s)  //  educate yourself with knowledge about your body holistically through nutrition, health, fitness  //  give gratitude for your body - learn to love your body - you created your blueprint (the map of your life) and you chose your birth mother for your genetic lineage  //  be kind to your body and bless it daily.

namaste - with blessings of love, light and healing - amorah joy June 10, 2017


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