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Mind Consciousness

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Master your mind  //  breathe one full breath backwards starting from the count of nine (thousand) with full inhale and exhale, to 8 thousand, down to zero point with no thoughts - if a thought comes in, start again - stillness  //  stay conscious of all thoughts - erase the negative thoughts with intent  //  stop all negative expressions - thoughts, actions, words, feelings, ideas  //  your thoughts and feelings of the past create the imbalance and suffering  //  you become what you think - watch your patterns and habits of thought  //  bad habits die hard unless you make a choice to change - do the opposite  //  change your mind - change your life  //  love yourself unconditionally - find and use an affirmation - that one true thing will support and move you towards and into unconditional self-love  //  go out - help others through service - watch the world around you change  //  manifest your day - take time each morning to dream your day thorough  //  study something of interest every day - expand your mind  //  explore your personality and your skills - watch what you don't like  //  don't be afraid of the unknown - it is all part of change - the only constant  //  create your personal vision board each year - manifest with intent first  //  do you know your boundaries - are you able to say no when needed  //  give gratitude at the end of each day - how can you make that day better  //  get to know yourself through self-reflection - journal daily and dream journal  //  use a variety of practitioners to balance an agitate mind - find peace  //  our actions are evidence of our mind thoughts and what the mind accepts  //  listen with an open, receptive mind, and respect for the communicator  //  we are all living expressions of God consciousness - the "I AM"

Namaste with blessings of peace and harmony - Amorah Joy


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